A Boy has Entered the Mix

When I was pregnant with my daughter, we did not find out the gender. I just kept hoping it would be a boy. I was so certain, I let myself believe that there was no way I wouldn’t have a boy. Then my daughter arrived, and I was overjoyed. There was a split second of disbelief, but when I saw her it didn’t matter anymore. She was the light of my life.

Well, during my second pregnancy i wasn’t going to find out again. We wanted the surprise. However, during my last ultrasound he was showing off his goods, doing the splits and all, so we were pretty sure of what we were having. We didn’t want everyone to know though, so to many people’s dismay we still kept it a surprise. But, I wasn’t too shy to let people know that I still thought it was a boy (again, haha).

Now, although I always wanted a boy, I never realized how different it would be. I mean, I know each human is unique, but it’s always a bit of a shock when you are witnessing them develop. Especially a member of the opposite sex (which I thought I knew oh-so-well, HA).

For starters, I had it easy with my daughter when it came to her sleeping habits. Now, with my son, the first few months were quite challenging. I averaged maybe 2-3 hours of spotty, inconsistent sleep a night. He was on that opposite schedule of sleep all day – party all night for a solid three months. Thank God that is changing! I was exhausted, and moody, just plain grumpy in my sleep deprived state. And, although I know people meant well when they suggested to “sleep when the baby is sleeping”, it just made me frustrated. When you have an active toddler, that gets into anything they can reach (or climb up to), sleeping when your baby is sleeping is probably not the best idea. Unless you want your house to turn into a disaster zone that is.

Then there is the breast-feeding (or let’s just say eating). I mean, I was aware of the older men I’ve encountered throughout my life having substantial appetites, but I assumed it was something they developed over time. I did not think it would start from birth. Now, maybe this isn’t every male, but it seems mine has this special trait. Sometimes it feels like he is always feeding. I know, some people would say I should supplement to keep him fuller longer, or add cereal to pumped breast-milk for him, but I know he’s getting what he needs from my supply. So, while it can be tedious to always rotate from one breast to the next, I’ll keep doing it until we introduce him to food at six months. Let’s face it, my little love-bug is just a boob man, and I can accept that.

Now, while there are probably many other quirks I can mention, I’m going to wrap up with this last one. Being a woman, and having the parts we have, I never realized I didn’t know certain things about having a penis. For instance, I discovered that when they are cold it retreats. It basically looks like a snake hiding in a hole. Also, when they are about to pee in your face (I’m talking changing diapers here) they are a bit harder. Not like a full on erection, but the snake will come out of hiding if they were colder. When that happens you better cover it up quick or run for cover!

Oh, the things we learn with each child we bring into this earth. I look forward to discovering more.

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