Our Information

We are Sam, Crystal, Cordelia, & Oliver a travel-happy family of 4. Sam and I have been exploring the hidden gems close to us for years and have been slowly branching out to farther travel destinations. After having our baby girl we realized there was a whole new method to figuring out how to travel. It’s been a steady process, and we are sure there will still be much more to learn.

Our desire is to inspire other people to get out of the house and travel. Whether you travel solo, in a pair, a group, or as a family. The experiences you will encounter will be more enriching to the soul that can be expressed.

This blog is our chosen avenue to share our experiences with whomever would like to read them. Feel welcome in joining us while we continue searching for our favourite travel destination. Aspiring to reach a new level of understanding about the different people, cultures, and the places that make up this glorious Earth. Each step of the way learning about family travel one flight, hike, bus, and car ride at a time.

Happy Travels our friends!